Client Diaries

Sudhir Varma, Delhi

All the shirts are lovely!! Perfect size and they are so cool! Thanks.

Brinda Nair . Bengaluru

Loved the saree …Thank you so so much. After so long ventured out and decided to wear this…thought I must share it with you .

Aditi Virdi, Raipur

Loved It. Thanks.

Elaine Kochar , Pune

I like the cotton. Simple and comfy. I tried it on and decided to stay in it today. I love the green and sending the matching mask is so lovely. Thank you.

Roma Mehra , Bengaluru

Ordering from Magique was so easy and a cakewalk ! Buying shirts for my husband is always a challenge because of his size but not did Magique/Runjhun assist me with the sizes, the shirt fit my husband so well ! From choosing the fabric to selecting the style to delivery , everything was implemented seamlessly ! Even the table cover was so beautifully designed. The cherry on the cake was the personal note and wash instructions. I would like to recommend Magique to everyone !

Kanika Kapoor, Delhi


Anushree Gupta , Mumbai

Thank you so much Magique for adding a little sparkle in my wardrobe…seems like the kurti I chose was designed for me….it fitted so well… came in clean crisp packaging… have been going through collection and all of it is fabulous…each kurta is different from the other..very contemporary, very stylish yet most comfortable!!! Thank you once again for your fantastic sense of design…will flaunt my dapper looks in the kurti soon.

Karishma , Benguluru

The green and gold is indeed regal as is the feel of the fabric. Thank you for adding Magique to my wardrobe. Love

Shivani Johar, Naliya . Gujrat

Got the dress just now and tried it on then and there. It’s beautiful. Thank you so much for customizing it. It actually looks exactly like I had thought. I know how much care and love went into making it which makes it even more special. Really happy with it. More orders to follow. 

Rahul , Delhi

Dear Magique, Your choice of fabric for men’s shirt is extremely soft and soothing. It was a perfect wear for Delhi summers. The colours and choti booti works well for men. I gifted two to my husband and he only wears those! And I have my eye on another one 😊

Dr. Anu Kundra, Delhi

The difference between style and fashion is quality. Thank you Magique for both style and Fashion. Loved your suits. Wanted to buy one, landed up buying 2. Keep posting new collections  

Dr. Vinita Parihar, Jodhpur

Fabulous collection ! As per the fashion of the hour ! Meeting the demands of all age groups ! Certainly Magique would do magic to your personality!

Neelu Maini, Bengaluru

Loved the handblock kurtas for myself and my mother. 

Aditi Virdi, Raipur

Hi , got the set…it’s beautiful . Thank you

Roma Mehra, Bengaluru

Fits like a glove.

Rajiv Mathur, Jaipur

Fits well. Thank you

Brinda Nair, Bengaluru

Thank you Magique for the beautiful saree. All my friends loved the saree ! 

Eva Tiwari, Hyderabad


Preeti Ahuja , Delhi


Shivani Johar, Naliya . Gujrat

Hi, loved the kurta. The material feels like second soft. The stitching and design is also amazing. Thanks a lot.

Preeti Pande, Jodhpur


Priyanka, Jodhpur


Virendra Kochar, Pune

Shirt fits well . Wore it for lunch at my club !

Anisha Rathore, Jammu

Thank you Magique for the dupatta I ordered ! It was perfectly packed and extra care taken for sanitation ! The feel of fabric is awesome and it pairs well most suits and I am ready for an outing in minutes. Love the way you are adding to your collection. Many options to choose from. Good luck !

Atul Maini , Bengaluru

Loved it !

Sapna, Jodhpur

The kurta that I ordered from you was fantastic and I am looking forward to get more stuff like this. Thanks a ton.