Top 5 Secrets of Handmade

Top 5 Secrets of Handmade

Every brand has a story and ours is handmade and so we have built all our products around these 5 secrets  inspired by the artisans and our rich traditions.

1. Story of love and passion :

 Handmade outfits tell a story of love and passion of a person who has spent countless hours doing and redoing that product with great attention to details. Handmade products represent the identity and pride of the person who made it bringing you closer to the human involvement of an artisan’s life and talent.

When you get into a handmade outfit , you also get  inside those countless hours of craftsmanship along with the everyday  struggles of these marginalised artisans who make two ends meet with the rich crafts, less appreciated by many.

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2. Vagaries of harsh climate :

 Did you know that these crafts of handblock printing, tie and dye, shibori, lehariya and the like cannot happen in the monsoon season  ?  The weather does not allow drying of organic dyes manually without the use of machines. And so , all such process are paused during Saawa ,as we call that season in India.

That is why Rajasthan is the hub of such crafts as the climate is hot and dry with short spells of rain. So, the people face the challenges of a harsh climate and scarcity of water well known of this terrain but that is how nature supports these crafts and a way of survival for many.

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3. Exclusive styles in high quality :

Unlike machine made where mass production is involved churning out hundreds of product in one day, handmade products are made in small lots – be it handblock printing , tie and dye, embroidery or even tailoring. That is why handmade products are almost always of high quality with incredible detailing of pattern and fit.

 That also leads to choosing high quality fabric as the handmade process  on the chosen fabric takes up intense effort and time. Made in small quantities, these outfits display unique cratftsmanship and you get to own one-of-a-kind authentic piece. Handmade quality pieces

4. Joy of personalisation :

Handmade products can be custom sized. There is no need to fit in the standard size offered. You get your money’s worth as garments can be customised for your size and fit. The master craftsman and the stylist work in tandem to tailor your clothes in a way that gives you that perfect  “On Demand” look. One can ask for a change in length of a kurta or dress, different  kind of sleeves, choice of pant or palazzo , regular or slim fit  in shirts and so on.

The personalisation options are many and the artisans love to do that to dress someone as he or she would like. The happiness of the person wearing it is highly motivating for the artisans who have put in their best  with utmost and care to get that perfect fit. ( That is why we request you for your picture in our products for that moment of joy for the one who made it)

5. The P benefit - Person and Planet:

Most of handmade garments are made from premium fabric which are soft on the skin , breathable and do not trap moisture and heat, thus making you feel comfortable in hot and cool temperatures. Synthetic fibres are harmful for the skin as well as the environment.

When you consciously choose a handmade garment made from natural fabric like cotton and linen, you also contribute to the health of our planet as handmade processes do not create any pollutants and the organic dyes do not require chemical toxins.

Wearing eco-friendly, handmade clothes is a step towards a greener world as we mindfully  improve our eco footprints to preserve the planet.

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If you love handmade you will love us!

We would love to hear your say on handmade garments. Please share your views in the comments section and we would be keen to publish it to spread sustainability!

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