Magique-al words from happy clients - Karishma Maini

Magique-al words from happy clients - Karishma Maini

I stumbled on Magique's line of eco-friendly clothing last year. Diwali is a special time of the year. Along with participating in rituals and ceremonies, we also consider shopping a high priority. The wonderful festive kurta seemed like an excellent choice for the occasion.

The range of hues and textures was appealing. Handmade by artisans (which is very admirable), their natural fabric and prints are the ideal fusion of traditional and trendy. For me, the engagement with the culture and craftsmen community was also a huge selling factor. I also appreciate that it's a reasonable option for people who want to celebrate the festivals without blowing a lot of money on outfits.

I had ordered the festive Kurta from their collection. I chose the green and red kurta because it looked pretty, even though I wasn't sure it'd be as rich as it looked in the picture. The pattern on the kurta looked fantastic; it had everything I wanted in a subtle, festive suit but with a sustainable twist.

When I got the package delivered, I was happy with my Diwali choice. The fabric was top-notch and soft on my skin. The fit, too, was just right. The brilliant color and understated design made me feel good about wearing durable and ethically made clothing, and it looked lovely on me. I was flattered with the compliments from friends and family about how it drew out my natural radiance. 

It's been over a year now since that purchase. It makes me happy to admit that the fabric and color of the kurta are still intact, even after a few washes. The best thing is that the kurta also goes well for a non-festive look.

I recommended the brand to my friends as well besides being the Magique-al present for someone who appreciates fashion.

I’ve also started opting for more sustainable clothing choices now that I know they’re here to stay. Thank you, Magique, for being such a positive influence on my wardrobe choices!

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