Elevating Sustainable Fashion

Elevating Sustainable Fashion

Hop on to this journey towards Sustainable Fashion to leave behind eco footprints that protect the Earth and it's diverse life forms.

Things you could do to choose a sustainable lifestyle :

1. Opt for sustainable materials: Look for clothing made from sustainable fabrics such as cotton, hemp, linen.

handblock cotton dress handmade

2. Make more sustainable choices in your everyday life by wearing eco-friendly hand made products. Buy less, choose well: dont fall into the trap of fast fashion.

handblock linen saree with motifs

3.Support ethical, transparent brands that follow an ethical supply chain and believe in fair wages.

4. Promote handmade clothes that are deep rooted in Indian traditional crafts and sustain livelihood of local karigars.

handblock cotton suit set with doria dupatta

5.Take care of your clothes: start at home by extending the life span of your clothes. Find creative solutions to give a second life to your clothes instead of throwing them for small wear and tear.

6.Recycle, Reuse, Rewear: you can create your unique personal style by reusing and restyling. All that is needed is a little imagination, some accessories, and the confidence to pull it off. We at Magique follow and encourage zero waste because every small action counts.

Be mindful. Be conscious. Be aware.

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