Celebrating Traditions with Magique

Celebrating Traditions with Magique

In India, festivals are all about togetherness and harmony and give us a chance to relive our rich traditions. Celebration of Basant Panchami heralds the beginning of spring. The time of the year also marks the ripening of mustard crop whose yellow is linked  goddess Saraswati's preferred colour. 

Also known as Saraswati Puja, this day we worship Saraswati as an epitome of wisdom to seek knowledge and creative strength. The color of Basant is yellow bringing light and energy around us. This is why people wear yellow clothes and make traditional delicacies in yellow hues. 

The bright and vivacious colours of Basant connect us to nature and our ancestors. For us, it also connects us with our artisans who curated the colour specific collection to reiterate all that is Indian.

We are proud of empowering our artisans and traditions.

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Very nice blog and yes traditions bind us together. Good outfits also 👌


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